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Here to Help Local Businesses

SERVPRO of North Columbiana County is undoubtedly the expert on water damage restoration in Salem homes. Is this the same for businesses too? Absolutely! SERVPR... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Specialists in Salem

SERVPRO of North Columbiana County is undoubtable an expert in water damage restoration. This is true in both residential and commercial settings. We have the t... READ MORE

Clean Floors Mean More

SERVPRO of North Columbiana County is the regional leader in the cleaning & restoration industry. With this part of the country receiving such harsh weather... READ MORE

Columbiana County Water Damage Cleanup

Nothing will put a bigger damper on a business then not being able to be open due to water damage. We know time is money to you business and especially when som... READ MORE

Restoring Local Business Uniforms

After all of the hard work and sweat you put into your job throughout the year, it is very easy for your work uniform to 'show its age'. Instead of incurring th... READ MORE

Emergency Roof Repair in Columbiana, OH

"Like it never even happened," isn't our tagline, it is truly how we intend to make every job. When a water or fire damages any commercial or residential proper... READ MORE